1 Extra Spring TOGO™ 

Fits only TOGO™ Products.

Made as an addition or replacement.

Extra Spring TOGO™

  • SpringLeashToGo® is designed for an adult biker with a physical weight minimum of 88lbs and a trained dog weight no more than 88lbs. For strict safety and unexpected bumps or fall from a ride, please ensure to use SpringLeashToGo® in the proper weight ratio between the rider and the dog. We recommend that the rider shall be at least 50lbs heavier than the dog when using SpringLeashToGo®. This is also to prevent a dog from pulling away from the rider and causing the rider to lose

    control of the bike. Please DO NOT let children under the age of 16 to use SpringLeashToGo®.



    Bicycle Seat adjustable post (The inner-tube) can be twisted or disoriented while the dog may pull the SpringLeashToGo® by force. It is strongly recommended to attach SpringLeashToGo® holder onto bicycle's fixed frame post (The outer-tube) to prevent any damage to your bicycle or cause any injury.


    ​It is suggested that first train your dog by using the dog's neck collar to attach with the SpringLeashToGo®. After some time of training, then a Dog Harness can be used for dog's better comfort. This is simply to prevent an excited dog pull away by stronger force from bicycle while it is with a harness until it is trained.



    When using SpringLeashToGo® on the streets and/or the road, please ensure you are complying with local laws and regulation for any attachments to the bicycle which may cause traffic and road hazards. SpringLeashToGo® and its resellers decline any responsibility for any negligent use of the product that violates the safety of personal and general public.

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